Focus - X

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This is the first new studio album by the reformed Dutch progressive rock band Focus in 6 years. It features two members from the band's glory days, Hammond organist/flutist/vocalist Thijs van Leer and drummer Pierre van der Linden as well as bassist Bobby Jacobs and guitarist Menno Gootjes. Ever since their return in the the early 00s, the band has been winning over old and new fans, because (a) they are still really great and (b) they still really sound like Focus! It's the same heavy progressive rock with jazz/rock overtones that they always did and still do! All of the things that made Focus great in the early 70s (and believe me, they really were a great band at that time) are here - they aren't breaking any new ground, but when you are one of the original greats, you really don't have to. Highly recommended.
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