Fontana Re:Mix - Traces Of Time CD

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Nice to see a new release from our old friends at Bauta / J ‘Lachen’ Jonsson!

Magnus Alexanderson : guitar, electric arpeggione, loops and electronics
Björn Hellström : bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, bass flute, all with electronic preparation
Lars “Lachen” Jonsson : vocals, keyboards, violin, percussion, bass guitar, harmonica, loops and sounds

“In 1978 a trio started in Linköping Sweden.Music and attitude was radical; in the spirit of John Cage, Frank Zappa, Henry Cow. They moved to Stockholm for two years. Worked intensely
After 40 years the original trio has revived, with new music, based on improvisation, with a recording studio as a new opportunity. Free improvisation is the start. The recorded material and sounds is later shaped into songs and short pieces of different character. The music goes through a long process of producing and experimenting. The final result becomes a special re-mix which goes beyond borders and conventions. The Bauta Records studio: The Forest, is an important part in the creation of this music.”
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