Fontanelle - Vitamin F

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Fontanelle are a long-running band who came out of the ashes of the spacerock/drone band Jessamine. This one really takes the elements of early 1970s electric jazz and takes all the good bits from a number of groups, but most significantly from Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi and Miles' early electric days (Bitches Bre to Jack Johnson) (lightly funky grooves, distorted Fender Rhodes, trumpet, synths, soprano sax, bass clarinet, etc.) and combines them with some Krautrock-isms (most notably Can at their best) for this simply unbeatable release! Fine playing and even some really memorable themes! If you love either of the groups I've referenced here: 1969-1971 Miles and 1971-1973 Herbie, I don't see how you can not love this one. Highly recommended.
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