Food - Molecular Gastronomy

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"This is the fifth full-length release for Norway's Food, now down to the duo of Iain Ballamy (saxophones, alto flute) and Thomas Strønen (drums, electronics). Molecular Gastronomy was recorded by Jeremy Cox over a period of two years. Food was formed at the 1998 Molde International Jazz Festival when Iain Ballamy was invited to perform with three exceptional young Norwegian musicians. It soon became clear that the blend of Iain's distinctive saxophone and Arve Henriksen's breathy trumpet textures was the perfect foil for the entrancing bass and drum trips created by Mats Eilertsen and Thomas Strønen. It's fair to say that a good amount of Food's earlier output was written as opposed to improvised -- however, this duo-version is mostly improvised, much in the same way as the music of Strønen's other duo, Humcrush. Considered to be one of the most inventive Norwegian drummers, he has always been an important writer in Food. Ballamy's role is also expanded, giving more room to this quite excellent player. Ashley Slater -- who played with Ballamy in Loose Tubes in the late '80s and went on to form Freakpower with Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) -- mixed this record and also contributes on three tracks. Maria Kannegaard plays Fender Rhodes on five tracks and is also a superb pianist with three trio-recordings to her name, including a number of Norwegian jazz recordings."
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