Fortrangt Hushallsasrbete - Offret Om At Alska... (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Jonas Åström (guitar, keyboards, percussion, piano, vocals)
Jan Nilsson (bass guitar, flute, percussion, piano, [homemade] instruments, vocals)
Michael Hellström (drums, keyboards, percussion, vocals)
Lars ‘Lach’n’ Jonsson (violin)

This sat and sat for years and years until Udi Koomran and Dave Kerman posted on a music board about how much they liked this and then, zip, they were gone.
Thanks, guys; the check is in the mail!
Fortrangt Hushallsarbete is a 2002 release on the tiny Swedish Bauta label, who have given us a small number of high quality releases by artists such as Lach'n Jonsson (who appears here in a guest role), Zut Un Feu Rouge, Kultivator & Ur Kaos among others. The music is a little more modern art-rock sounding; maybe a mixture of the typical dark & gloomy sound of Bauta mixed with the artsiest side of modern bands but without the high tech production.
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