Francisco - Cosmic Beam Experience

Last chance to pick this up, as Radioactive have gone bust. Last copies!

This is a pretty good mid 70s, rare-as-hell, self-released album that has two long songs (about 22' total) and 3 short songs (about 13'). Two of the short songs are real hippie love-in-type things, with lyrics about Love Sweet Love and other stuff that hasn't aged very well and sounds a hell of a lot closer to the soundtrack to "Hair" than I am currently comfortable with. But the rest of the album - about 26' - is really good, cosmic stuff with pulsing, echoed drums, eerie, spacey vocal cries, big cosmic "om" drones and what sounds to be glissando guitar, and is pretty wild 'n' crazy stuff that absolutely could have been on a Cosmic Courrier release. Conditionally recommended! I can absolutely see Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser feeding Francisco the acid-laced cosmic cookies as I listen to this and I bet you will too...

"Actually the L.A. based Francisco Lupica, a versatile musician at home with electric and acoustic guitars, percussion and his capacity as a singer well versed in unusual vocal effects. This 70's album, with its unusual cosmic cover, is strangely compelling, and beautifully recorded with a combination of acoustic and electric instruments, vocal chorus and trance inducing sounds. Standing out as one of the earliest examples of the New Age movement which had to come years after its release, it nevertheless has more energy than half the works recorded under that banner. Hans Zimmer sampled the "Cosmic beam" motif as the soundtrack to Terrence Mallic's 1998 film "Thin Red Line". Although the film, which featured such luminaries as Sean Penn, George Clooney, John Cussack, Nick Nolte and even John Travolta, was widely dismissed as an over-long and confusing piece of visual self-indulgence, Zimmer's soundtrack, and particularly Francisco's contribution, are often sited as the film's only redeeming factors."
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