Franken, Rob - The Rob Franken Electrification: Functional Stereo Music 3 x CDs

Rob Franken was a talented, Dutch, journeyman keyboardist of the 70s. Among other things, he is considered the first Dutch jazzman to make ‘good use’ of the Fender Rhodes and synthesizer.
These 3 CDs compile a full six vinyl lps worth of previously unreleased commercially music. Much of the music is electric trio, but some sessions use extra percussion and even sax or trumpet. The description below explains what this music is, but it’s much better than simply ‘music for elevators’ and it certainly grooves with some heat. Totally recommendedh to authentic 70s style jazz/rock fans.

“Rob Franken was the main man & instigator during the so-called FuMu sessions. Functional Music that was meant to sound like background music in shopping malls, hotels, elevators, department stores and airports.
Franken arranged the sessions, played Fender piano and synthesizers and drew from his immense network of musicians to collaborate with. The recordings were often nothing less than inspirational short jam sessions, in which the best Dutch jazz musicians of the seventies contributed. The independent label 678 Records has released an exclusive choice from this enormous library of 'functional stereo music'. Compositions of Billy Cobham, Weldon Irvine, Michael Naura, Marc Moulin, Gordon Beck, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and of course Rob Franken himself.”
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