Free Human Zoo - Freedom, Now!

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Samy Thiebault (tenor saxophone)
Laurent Skoczek (trombone)
Dan Decrauze (guitar)
Patrice Kornheiser (keyboards)
Nicolas Feuger (bass)
Gilles Le Rest (drums, vocals)
Gildas Martin (guitar)

First release from a zeuhl-ish sextet who bring enough originality to the table that they got themselves signed to Magma’s label! This is really good. They are really good!

“What a wonderfully light, almost springy Zeuhl album, which the French drummer Gilles Le Rest recorded here with his mainly jazz-based comrades, and it's actually the original label for this avant-rock-like version of the contemporary rock music, namely Christian Vander's own label Seventh Records.
The six instrumentalists behave in their four between 9 and 22 minutes lasting pieces not so gloomy, oblique and indigestible, as it is often suspected in these climes and is also confirmed by some protagonists.
Immediately in the hymnic prelude Borokoni solos guitarist Decrauze seemingly completely absorbed, accompanied by the floating unison lines of the two wind instruments, before after a brisk wind staccato the piano in the second part of the song contributes its part to the jazzy character of the whole thing. Over the entire length of the disc, the typical Zeuhl bass / drums pattern is presented, accompanied by the likewise typical staccato-like repetitive piano chords, crossed with jazz-affine soli of all instruments - only one drum solo is found (thank goodness) - and head shows and composer Gilles Le Rest with an easy hand on how to actually establish the Zeuhl genre at jazz festivals around the world.”-Baby Blau/Charly Heidenreich.
  • LabelEx-Tension / Seventh
  • UPC3760150890285
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