Free Human Zoo - No Wind Tonight ... 2 x CDs

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Nicolas Feuger – Bass, Contrabass
Gilles Le Rest – Drums, Percussion, Jew's Harp
Matthieu Rosso – Guitar
Emmanuel Guerrero – Piano
Samy Thiébault – Tenor Saxophone
Laurent Skoczek – Trombone
Jocelyn Miennel – Flute
Jonathan Edo – Percussion
Bruno Ortega – Recorder [Flute à Bec Basse]
Camille Fritsch – Soprano Vocals

Second release from a zeuhl-ish sextet + more who bring enough originality to the table that they got themselves signed to Magma’s label! This is really good. They are really good!
"Two years after the publication of "FREEDOM, NOW! " we pursue with passion our emancipating quest, while maintaining the course of a fully assumed hybridization, first matrix of this new double-album "NO WIND TONIGHT ..."
This new opus is built around four "sound journeys", in which the Sensible, the Moving, the Felt, the Astonishing, the Unexpected, the Feeling are summoned. Four trips, as invitations to a shared introspection, as many proposals for scenarios, all conducive to a shared imagination.”
  • LabelEx-Tension / Seventh
  • UPC3760150890438
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