Freitas, Amaro - Sankofa CD

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There is definitely a touch of a Brazilian take on Nik Bärtch’s ‘Zen Funk’ happening here, although he may have arrived to those ends by a very different path. In any event, another Brazilian winner!

“Amaro Freitas is a Brazilian piano player and Sankofa is his third CD with his trio. His trio has Amaro on electric piano, Jean Elton on acoustic bass and Hugo Medeiros on drums and percussion.
Amaro has a special sound and style and he is one of the new highlights of brazilian music. Some people compares his playing style to Thelonious Monk or Art Tatum. Although these influences can be heard, as he is From northeast Brasil, he mixes typical brazilian rhythms, as baião, ciranda and maracatu, with some touches of Bossa Nova, with minimalist jazz.
The music evolves slowly to very energetic and intensely rich rhythmic music. It can be said that his music, keeping the needed proportions, has parallels with Nik Bartsch's Ronin, due to its minimalist / growing aspects, but done with brazilian swing.
Sankofa is a symbol from African folklore, represented by a bird that faces the future without forgetting the past, just like Amaro's music. You can find it on the CD's cover.”
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