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Pardon My French is French TV's 8th album. It "explores some new territories while still displaying their dizzying compositional approach of throwing as many stylistic thematic variations in a tune as possible, with FUN being the operating principle. "Everything Works in Mexico" sounds like soundtrack outtakes from Rodriguez's "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" movies. "Sekala Dan Niskala" is an Indonesian travelogue, showing guitarist/violinist Chris Smith's Gamelon music degree was not in vain. The title cut "The Pardon Our French Medley", is a collection of excerpts from French symphonic bands from the 70s such as Ange, Pulsar, Shylock, Carpe Diem, Atoll and a fun bit from Etron Fou. This piece was arranged as a reaction to the ignorant French bashing by conservatives in the US during the run-up to the Iraq invasion. "Tears of a Velvet Clown" is a chamber-like contribution from keyboardist/reeds player Warren Dale, complete with storyline about a fellow who goes to clown school and finds it a bit "unnerving". The final cut "When the Ruff Tuff Cream Puffs Take Over" [title and inspiration from an R. Crumb comic] is a mishmash of spookhouse music, fugues, and a few rousing patriotic musical quotes. A wild ride is guaranteed for every listener."
"How in the world do you guys *remember* all that stuff? "-Michael Manring
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