French TV - Twelve: Operation : Mockingbird CD

Mike Sary: bass, samples, loops
Katsumi Yoneda: guitars
Patrick Strawser: keyboards
Mark L. Perry: drums
Ludo Fabre: violin
Karl Ledus: sax, flute
Nico Fabre: keyboards

So, somehow, here we are at nearly 35 years and 12 albums from the Louisville, KY band French TV and somehow, Mike Sary manages to continue to top himself every time.
This one struck me more like a really intelligently written jazz/rock album than a progressive rock album; think Kenso with the most overtly jazz/rock elements of National Health. That's a pretty good place to be.
Guitarist Katsumi, of Tee, returns for the 2nd time on a FTV album, keyboardist Patrick Strawser was in the wonderful and sadly short lived Volare and the three guests appear courtesy Mentat Routage.

  • LabelPretentious Dinosaur
  • UPC715854706977
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