Friedlander, Erik - Maldoror

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Erik Friedlander is a unique cellist whose body of work both blurs and defies genre borders. Son of the noted artist/photographer Lee Friedlander, Erik was born in 1960. Maldoror is Erik's solo debut and consists of ten improvisations recorded at Berlin's Teldex Studios. It was inspired by the poems of early French surrealist Lautreamont, who wrote a collection named Maldoror and Poems. Is it jazz or classical? Is it composed or improvised? These are the questions of the feeble. Intense, mystical, and beautiful, Friedlander's Maldoror is a journey into music's darkest heart. Deep down where the music of Morricone, Piazzola, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and John Coltrane also serves to sooth the savages. [Brassland]
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