Friendly Bears - On Oceans Light and Sleep

I've been hearing about this band for some time, as they've played shows with such interesting up 'n' comers as Kayo Dot, Behold...the Arctopus, PAK, Time Of Orchids, etc. While they've released some split vinyl singles, etc., this is their first full-length and first CD release. The line up is dual guitars (including one baritone guitarist), trumpet and drums/electronics. The sound is definitely reminsicent of Blast circa Wire Stitched Ears or Stringy Rugs, in their less frenetic/most composed sections. There's more vocals on here than I was led to believe there would be and I can't really say I care for the vocals very much, but 'da Bears' are still predominently an instrumental group. I would have guessed that they would have fit into the 'brutal prog' category, except that this really isn't brutal; it's quite carefully considered with some great counterpoint, tight playing and brilliant ideas. This is not a grand-slam, out of the ballpark home-run, but they are headed for one and this is still very excellent for the most part and still comes recommended. [Pralaya]
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