Fripp, Robert - Exposure 2 x CDs

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This is Robert Fripp's rather infamous late 70s solo album after he dissolved King Crimson and moved to NYC to hang, recharge (and also hang with Blondie, but that's another story). Disc one is the album as released in 1979.
I will allow the Downtown Music Gallery's resident expert, Manny Maris, to expound (edited - sorry Manny) about the 2nd disc: "'Third Version': This is a NEW COMPOSITE EDITION made up of takes/remixes of the 1979 edition appearing on the remixed/remastered version that first appeared in 1984 [implied as Second Version], AS WELL AS Daryl Hall versions of "Chicago", "Disengaged", and the original Hall lyric/vocal version of "NY3" [which substituted the singing with an audio verite tape of neighbors fighting in Fripp's building] here titled "New York New York New York" - the only lyrics not printed in the booklet, so you'll have to figure them out for yourself! This song IS NOT to be confused with 'NYCNY' [different lyrics and music] which is one of the original tracks for Last Great Heartthrob, and which did appear in another take on Hall's Sacred Song album.
This second disc ALSO HAS FIVE BONUS CUTS after the original running order of the album which include Hall vocal versions of "Mary" and "Exposure" as well as the alternate '84 versions of 'Disengaged" and "NY3", and a previously unknown to me Hammill AND Terre Roche vocals version of "Chicago"!
Which means out of eight Hall songs originally on the unreleased'...Heartthrob...' we get to hear seven of them in total here, five songs of which have never before been released with Hall vocals plus dual versions of the two which were previously released ["You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette" and "North Star"], BUT WE DO NOT GET the original '...Heartthrob...' version of "NYCNY', which admittedly is very close to the released version on Hall's 'Sacred Songs', nor do we get the trio version of 'Mary' mentioned in my letter below, though the inclusion of my mention of it in Fripp's liner notes act as a teaser - of things we still cannot have..."
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