Fripp, Robert - God Save The Queen / Under Heavy Manners (expanded) CD

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“This 2021 re-release contains two extra tracks with almost half an hour of additional material, and is available on CD for the first time in decades.”

“At first, I wasn't really turned on by Frippertronics. I had both of the Fripp and Eno albums and listened to them practically on a daily basis when they came out. The Frippertronics pieces seemed spare compared to the opulence of the "Evening Star" album especially. I didn't like the fact the each Frippertronics improvisation begins with one repeated note and builds from there.
It's funny how something which seems like a liability at one point in time becomes a strength at another.
When "Let The Power Fall" came out I liked it immediately (go figure). I was impressed at how that repeated note at the beginning of each piece becomes a distinct sound world with its own definite character and mood and I loved the meditative quality which all of the pieces seem to share. Even though the process is laid out quite starkly from the start of each Frippertronics loop, there is a point - impossible to locate precisely - where it becomes Music.
The first three tracks are frippertronics, Track Four, Five & Track Six have the rhythm section and guitar solo if you are nostalgic for post-punk new wave.”
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