Frith, Fred - Live in Japan

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Long time Waysiders will remember the limited edition box that we sold with the two albums of this concert a very long time ago. They may also remember the many concerts that Fred performed with this set up in that style in the late 70s/early 80s all over the world. I do.

"These concerts were part of a solo tour of Japan organized by the now-defunct magazine Fool's Mate. The music on the CD was first released in 1982 by Recommended Records Japan as a 2LP box set in a limited edition of 1,000. The tapes were returned to Japan after mastering in New York, and at some time during the ensuing 20 years, they disappeared. All efforts to unearth them failed. This version was meticulously re-created from 96K vinyl transfers by Tom Dimuzio over a period of several months in 2007, an amazing labor of love."

"In 1974, during the recording of my first LP Guitar Solos, I had placed two guitars on the floor, necks parallel, and improvised a piece using that configuration. Although I pursued the idea in subsequent recordings, notably 'Water/Struggle/The North' On Guitar Solos 2, I never performed concerts in this way until I arrived in New York in 1978 and was persuaded to make a cameo appearance at Giorgio Gomelsky's Manifestival using borrowed instruments. This was a defining moment for me, and for the next few years the 'guitars on the table approach' became my preferred way of playing solo. The Japanese tour was the culmination of this period. Afterwards I abandoned the guitar, preferring homemade instruments made out of slabs of wood. When I returned to the guitar as a vehicle for improvisation a couple of years later, it was in the conventional position."-Fred Frith
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Highly recommended ! The box is great but this is probably sounding even better
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