Froese, Edgar - Tangerine Dream Force Majeure (380 page hardbound book) (Due to weight, this is for sale in the USA only)

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“This book is an epic, a journey, a manifesto, the vision of Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese. It also magnifies EF's philosophy, his science and arts.
This is not an easy read; similar to his music, it requires attention and focus. An attractive hard bound book, the reader is transported to a different dimension much like listening to the music of Tangerine Dream and EF's solo albums. Tangerine Dream is Edgar Froese alone as the book would reveal and truly unprecedented, one of a kind and nothing like it.
The book itself is similar to a technician's manual but this is a textbook, a journal of higher consciousness. If you expect the mundane personal private diary of sex, drugs and rock and roll and gossip, then this book is not for you. The flow of the reading is actually chronological but more particular with the development of Tangerine Dream, the albums the tours and his relationship with band members.
Very challenging reading since it's like poetry, rich in literary context albeit exciting. Edgar's second spouse Bianca completed the book because of Edgar's untimely passing. The intellectual magnitude of this literature is not of this earth. The reader is in for many surprises and mesmerized with facts previously unavailable; foremost that a major influence is ancient classical Greek hence TD hit it big with Pheadra and ended their Virgin stint with Hyperborea.
In addition, many parts of the book details their challenge s- making albums and performing live. Instead of the usual cheap talk, TD at their peak discuss technical, esoteric, sophisticated and professional terms.... If you collect Tangerine Dream or any thing with Edgar Froese then this is a must have.”
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