Frogg Cafe - Fortunate Observer Of Time

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This is Frogg Cafe's 4th album. They are a five piece (violins, mandolin, guitars, keyboards, bass, cello, drums, vocals) who started their life as a Zappa-cover band, so you *know* they can play! Their sound veers back and forth between a very proggy-type vocal sound and busily complex Zappa-type epics. If nothing else, this is one of the best-played albums I've heard in some time! "Fortunate Observer of Time is a real winner from this New York band. Not everyone can create progressive rock that is melodic, tasty, with memorable hooks, in addition to being complex and adventurous with plenty of groove. Frogg Cafe has done that here, so check this one out, and catch the band live as well if you have the opportunity."-Sea Of Tranquility
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