Fruteria Toñi - El Porvernir

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Salva Marina / keyboards, piano, vocals and backing vocals
Curro García / bass and backing vocals
Jesús Sánchez / clarinet and sax
Víctor Rodríguez / violin
Adrián Jiménez / drums
Lorena Alcaraz / flute
Eva Montiel / lyrical voice and big scream
Camilo Motta / bass clarinet

I got hipped to this band by Angel Ontalva, the guitarist and leader of October Equus, who is friends with them and helped to produce their debut album in 2014. They are a new Spanish band, who play very much in the Spanish progressive style of the 70s mixed with more avant touches; like October Equus (although they sound nothing like them).
This is their third release and like everything that I’ve heard from them, is another classy release.

“"Spain is not particularly famous for its progressive rock bands. However, Frutería Toñi, originally from Malaga in Andalusia, is one of those little-known bands that deserve some attention. Formed in 2007, the group delivers with "El Porvenir Esta en las Huevas" its third album after "Mellotron en Almibar" in 2014 and "Tengo Mis Dias Buenos" in 2017.
As the titles indicate, Frutería Toñi sings in Spanish, which is not its only originality. Because a brief glance at the line up shows that the band does not include a guitarist. Instead, a violinist and a saxophonist/clarinet player play the roles of soloists. An original organization that reminds a certain Van der Graaf Generator.
And certainly, the analogy is not totally fortuitous. We find from this British band's those thunderous or strident neighing of the sax ('Agonía en Koyukuk'), the somewhat theatrical character of the vocals and the sometimes dark atmosphere ('El Monte de las Tres Letras'). But if the imprint of Van der Graaf Generator comes to bear on certain passages, Frutería Toñi has many other strings to his bow and is endowed with a personality as assertive as it is attractive.
For far from being confined to one style, the album blends rock, jazz, classical and folk music without any one genre taking precedence over the other. It emanates from these very detailed compositions sometimes optimistic, sometimes dancing, sometimes melancholic atmospheres, keeping a very original and offbeat side while always keeping a melodic character. The changes of themes and tempos are frequent but blend into an admirable fluidity, sometimes close to the work of Hatfield & The North. The numerous saxophone, clarinet and violin solos draw delicate embroideries on an inventive bass and drums that frequently go beyond their purely rhythmic role. The slightly hoarse vocals add spice to the ensemble, theatrical without exaggeration, tinged with irony or mischief. "El Porvenir Esta en las Huevas" is a magnificent, intense and without any dead time record delivering a timeless and elegant music, original without being hermetic, rich in changes of themes, tempos and atmospheres. A record that can be listened to in one go, a marvel of delicacy and finesse that will satisfy all lovers of a racy progressive. Magic!"-Music Waves
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