Funkadelic - America Eats Its Young CD (expanded)

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2005 remasters with great, informative, fat booklets and bonus tracks. Funkadelic, led by George Clinton, who is still active and still crazy like a fox, were the Black American, weird, psychedelic/funk outfit of the early 1970's, featuring acid-drenched guitar leads, soulful vocals, funky organ-work and drumming and much more. Their fourth album, this was originally a double album and it all fits here with two bonus tracks too!

"A double album and worth every minute of it, America Eats Its Young makes for a freaky, funky, and aware good time. Compared to the endless slabs of double-album dreck that came out around the same time from all sources, here Funkadelic brought life, soul, and much more to the party. With Clinton credited only for arranging and producing, here the mad cast he brought together went all out..."-Ned Raggett/All Music Guide
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