Funkadelic - Free Your Mind...and Your Ass Will Follow CD (expanded)

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2005 remasters with great, informative, fat booklets and bonus tracks. Funkadelic, led by George Clinton, who is still active and still crazy like a fox, were the Black American, weird, psychedelic/funk outfit of the early 1970's, featuring acid-drenched guitar leads, soulful vocals, funky and crazy distorted electric piano and organ-work and drumming and much more. This is their great 2nd album, which is amazingly wild and freaky for a 1970 release.

"It's one of the best titles in modern musical history, for song and for album, and as a call to arms mentally and physically the promise of funk was never so perfectly stated. If it was just a title then there'd be little more to say, but happily, Free Your Mind lives up to it throughout as another example of Funkadelic getting busy and taking everyone with it.... The amount of drugs going down for these sessions in particular must have been notable, but the end results make it worthy."-Ned Raggett/All Music Guide
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