Future Kings Of England - Who Is This Who Is Coming?

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This is the much awaited fourth album by this really great, current British psychedelic/progressive band. There are a lot of touches and influences sneaking in, but mostly what you hear is an expansion upon what I would consider to be Pink Floyd's greatest period, post-Syd: Meddle! They started as a great band but each album gets better than the previous one and this one is better still; they are certainly one of the greatest current psychedelic progressive bands out there. Highly recommended for any spacey/psychedelic-style progressive rock fan; this is by far as good as it gets in 2012.

"The Future Kings of England 4th album is based on the fantastically creepy short story 'Oh, Whistle and I'll Come to You my Lad' by M R James. One could say this album forms the final part of a trilogy starting with our second album 'The Fate of Old Mother Orvis' and our third 'The Viewing Point' concerning Suffolk both in it's wonderful landscape and folklore."

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Excellent, almost completely instrumental space-psych, drawing on both Pink Floyd and very early Nektar: fusion of 'Meddle' and 'Journey to the Centre of the Eye' successful.
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