Gösta Berlings Saga - Detta Har Hänt CD

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This title is probably my favorite of their five releases! Great second album by this Swedish progressive instrumental quartet of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. The keyboardist leans heavily on his Fender Rhodes, giving this a bit of a jazz-rock sound, but there's plenty of other keyboards too (Moogs, mellotron, Orchestron, Optigan, acoustic piano, pump organ). Somone once said that if Samla Mammas Manna started their life in the 00s, they might have sounded somewhat like this, and that's a pretty good reference point. Excellent.

"This represents the band's evolution since the release of the critically acclaimed debut album Tid är Ljud (2006). Whereas the previous album dealt with the interaction between nature and city, Detta Har Hänt focuses on the latter with eight stories about the languishing welfare state, industrialism and love. The songs range from full-blown epic soundscapes via dissonant darkness to minimalistic powerful grooves without compromising when it comes to the strong melodies the band is known for. The basis for the album was recorded live in the band's own studio Pelikaan, which has preserved a genuinely organic and highly energetic feel to the music. Overdubs have been made with instruments such as Mellotron, Minimoog and pump organ to give even more dimensions to the colorful sounds of Gösta Berlings Saga. In conclusion Detta Har Hänt is a gigantic leap forward in all musical aspects, and should not be missed by anyone interested in new music."
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