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The fifth release by Sweden’s GBS! This is the first album with a personnel change for them since their first album, as long time guitarist Einar Baldursson has left and new man Rasmus Booberg has joined the fold.

“The music of Gösta Berlings Saga (Or also referenced here to as “GBS“) is an incredibly dynamic Nordic instrumental adventure, tilting from melodic, starkly beautiful lines shimmering like an aurora borealis over the desolate Arctic tundra, to powerful and aggressive riffs reminiscent of glacier calves crashing into rugged Scandinavian fjords. Over the years the band’s music has been compared to King Crimson, Goblin and Radiohead, mixed into their very own and peculiar sonic universe.
With Rasmus on board the band started working on their fifth album, determined to broaden their musical universe even further. Not only will Gösta Berlings Saga be able to reach many more listeners who haven’t yet discovered and had the opportunity to become marveled by the band’s music and catalogue, but also it will act as a platform for a joint venture to further develop truly progressive rock.
GBS’s fifth album contains 8 brand new energetic and genre-defying instrumental tracks in a playing time of 47 minutes, showcasing the contrast between minimalism and maximalism while putting progress back into progressive rock.”
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