Gösta Berlings Saga - Glue Works

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"Masterpiece…or thereabouts: 5/5" – Lowcut Magazine

"This is hypnotic, robotic, thankfully long and yet somehow, so damn soulful. Also, I haven’t heard a Fender Rhodes being played like this since like forever....It doesn’t get better than this." – Deaf Sparrow

Named after one of the most notable Swedish books of all time, Gösta Berlings Saga are currently one of Sweden's most notable bands. The group are a modern instrumental rock band and their style combines post-rock, progressive rock, minimalism, avant-rock, collage/sound and more, all recorded and combined with unusual and interesting studio techniques. The four members of Gösta Berlings Saga, with their diverse musical backgrounds and personalities find a common focal point in the music they create together. Each individual effort is melted into the pot and glued together with the rest to create something greater together. The collage as a working method; Soft glued to rough. Epic glued to tiny. Minimalism glued to maximalism, all to create a new whole.

For their third album and their first for Cuneiform, they have created an album that is highly and creatively produced. The solid backbone of the band is always the focus and the core: Alexander Skepp (drums and percussion), Einar Baldursson (guitars), David Lundberg (Fender Rhodes, synthesizers and Mellotron), Gabriel Hermansson (bass). With the engineering and production work of Mattias Olsson (Änglagård, White Willow, etc) the band has created a truly all-embracing and forward thinking album. The disc is packed with creative and surprising flourishes from guest musicians performing on French horn, musical saw, cello, trumpet and more. There is always a lot going on that makes Glue Works much more than 'merely' a document of band performing; the group is performing extremely well, but the production work incorporates many unique elements into the album in surprising ways.

You can hear a track from their record here

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More focused on a specific sound, this third offering is a firm step towards their own style (which is turning from folkish prog in their 1st cd to this electronic rock & folk!...or something like that...) Great production, great playing and great tunes.
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Nice! a little skewed to the Cuneiform 'style' this time around (which is no surprise and is not a bad thing, of course). I feel this group is getting a bit heavier with each new release and in this one i even felt a little Zeuhl-ish influence. Still, you will also find their sound and composition style heard on their other 2 cds in here. This new effort is worth checking out so you can decide if you like where they are heading.
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