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When Richard Pinhas was recently in the USA in May, 2011, I heard great things about this band who were opening for them. I heard that they were a young, post-whatever, Magma-influenced group. This is their first album and it's really good and it's vinyl only.

"Church was always a drag when I was a child. Dressed in Sunday best, I struggled to enact respect and silence throughout the entire mass. However, if church had sounded more like GA�AN, I would have been there any day of the week. Nothing in Peoria sounded like this. This is music to sacrifice virgins to. This is the soundtrack to Everyman�s epic Norse BDSM fantasy of destruction and rebirth. The scenarios conjured by these jams make the death of Sardanopolus look like kid stuff. Captcha Records is pleased to announce the arrival of Ga�an�s highly anticipated and long awaited self-titled LP, featuring members of the Coughs, Fielded and Psychic Steel. After a rather turbulent 2010 that involved messy breakups and hijacked master tapes as well as a series of high-profile gigs that had them opening for legendary stoner metal band Sleep, Chicago�s Ga�An is full on for 2011. This is a brilliant album of Magma-influenced psychedelic prog. It would be unforgivable to miss it."
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