Galas, Diamanda - Diamanda Galas (1984) CD

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This was Diamanda Galas’ very first album (she shared a side of an album with saxist Jim French and Henry Kaiser 5 years earlier), released on the improvisationally-oriented Metalanguage label.
I saw her perform this material or something similar to this material at New Music America in 1983, the year before this album was released and I had never, EVER heard anything like it. It was stunning and frightening. This is the first ever legitimate reissue and its first release on CD.

“Diamanda Galás' second album is sometimes referred to as Panoptikon (the composition on the A-side of the album). The album consists of two pieces: 'Panoptikon', which was inspired by Jack Henry Abbott, whose 1981 autobiographical book In the Belly of the Beast chronicled his experiences in the prison system, and 'Song from the Blood of Those Murdered', a work dedicated to the political prisoners who were tortured and executed during the 1967-74 Greek military junta.
The album, originally released in 1984 on the label Metalanguage (founded by Henry Kaiser and Larry Ochs in 1978), has long been out of print.”
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