Gamelan Of Centra Java - III : Modes and Timbres

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Our series of Javanese classical music recordings continues to expand, this time with a disc which investigates further the tonal and timbral qualities of a number of instruments present in gamelan ensembles. Artistic director Joko Purwanto, whose extensive liner notes accompany the CD, has chosen for this CD a selection of pieces that exemplify the peculiar sonorities of Javanese classical music, entrusting them to several small ensembles to draw out its wealth of subtle nuances and tonal shadings. But far from being a dry didactic exercise, Modes and Timbres, repays close listening, allowing even the untutored ear to discover for itself the astounding, limitless possibilities of the gamelan. Each of the CD's eight tracks underlines the particular role the different instruments of the gamelan play in the overall structure of the music, showing how each piece consists of a central 'melody' played by the metallophones which is gradually elaborated and embellished by a range of 'guiding' instruments and punctuated by subtle background interventions from the gongs. [Felmay]~"~"~"~"~"~"~18~0~0~"~"~-
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