Gamelan Of Central Java - IX : Songs Of Wisdom and Love (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This album, the ninth (and most recent) volume of the John Noise Manis-curated Gamelan of Central Java, is a collection focusing on vocal works and sung poetry. Most of the pieces feature the solo vocals of Nyi Cendaniraras, although several feature a chorus of male singers, the exception being the piece Bowo Pusparaga which features solo male vocal. The lyrics are from a varied selection of classical Javanese poetry (macapat) and texts which would normally be used alongside wayang kulit (puppet theatre) or dance. Some pieces are left simply as vocal-only recordings, whilst others are supported by a beautiful cyclical gamelan backdrop courtesy of the excellent-as-always STSI Surakarta. As with most of the series, we have `a first' for gamelan - here it is the excellent opening piece, Gendhing Kodok Ngorek, a pioneering combination of archaic music and two macapat songs. Not only is this an truly successful mixture, it also provides the perfect opening, setting the scene beautifully, as it does, for what is to come. Although the recording will probably take some getting used to for many people previously unacquainted with traditional Javanese culture, the release contains some of the most refined and delicate work in the series - this rewarding recording is definitely one for careful contemplation.

The booklet contains translations and extensive notes, offering interesting contextual information for both newcomer and conoisseur alike. Congratulations to the musicians of STSI Surakarta and to Mr Manis himself for yet another important release."-D. Quinn
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