Ganelin Trio - Eight Reflections of the Past Century

Slava Ganelin - piano, synthesizer, Victor Fonarov - double bass Mika Markovitch - drums. "This release is first in the series of unpublished records from Slava Ganelin, one of the key figures in the israeli Modern Creative and Free/Avant-Garde Jazz scenes. This is not an archive record from Soviet times with Tarasov & Chekassin as you can expect, but his modern work with an Israeli-based trio. Recorded live in Tel-Aviv. A little bit nostalgic, but dynamic, unexpected, unpredictable, complex, intense and very passionate work."

"Their musical spectrum is about developing and following Ganelin's motifs, rather than the free group improvisation of the Priority Trio. Even the use of the synthesizer is more restrained, used by Ganelin for improvisation mainly on “V,” and not as a means to enrich the music with orchestral complexions. On the short concluding track Ganelin uses the synthesizer as a swinging brass instrument. The trio’s music is usually dense and turbulent, except on the elegiac “VI,” and features a high level of communication between the players. The sound is not as pristine as Live in Germany, but remains another important document of Ganelin’s genius and originality"-All About Jazz
  • LabelAuris Media
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