Garcia, Jerry - 1972 Pacific High Studio, San Francisco, CA 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This is a live concert over KSAN-FM, S.F. from 1972. Featured are Merl Saunders-organ, Jerry Garcia-guitar, Bill Kruetzmann-drums, and John Kahn-bass. The remastered sound is very good--one of the best of this type I've heard. Every instrument including the bass (which is often muddy sounding) can be heard, The six page booklet has an essay on the music and the gig, along with a few photos.
Garcia loved to play--and when not with his other band (Grateful Dead) he played with a number of friends and fellow musicians in various groups. If you're reading this chances are that you're already familiar with Gracia's penchant for wanting to play all the time. He's played with Saunders and Kahn many times and of course with Kruetzmann (subbing for Bill Vitt) in the Dead. In a nutshell--this is one of the better concerts that this ad hoc group played, and with this release all of us can now enjoy this great gig.
Highlights are everywhere. "Expressway (To Your Heart)" has long, flowing solos from Garcia-one after another-he's playing at a very high level while the band just grooves along behind him. The instrumental "Save Mother Earth" is another lengthy (9 + minutes) song with Garcia and the band playing some nice, funky things. Listen to Garcia's wah-wah pedal work. That tune morphs into "Imagine", which is suitably somber feeling. Arthur Crudup's "That's All Right Mama" is another good version of this well known tune. "Who's Loving You Tonight", at almost ten minutes, has some great Garcia blues guitar that will surprise some people used to his work with the Dead. Early on the Dead played a lot of r&b/blues tunes (thanks in large part to Pig Pen) with Garcia laying down some hot blues licks.
Also here is Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece" (which sounds especially good after hearing the blues), "I Was Made To Love Her" (another good, funky instrumental version), "Lonely Avenue" (a Ray Charles tune here stretched out to 9 + minutes with some good organ from Saunders and nice guitar, dripping with the blues, from Garcia), and ends with a suitably upbeat "How Sweet It Is", a Garcia favorite he played regularly during this period and a tune Garcia fans will know from other albums.
This is a set of great tunes, well played, and with good sound. With so many releases of radio gigs available now it's hard to decide (or know) if one is better than another, or worth owning at all. Suffice to say this is one of the best both musically and sound-wise. There's very little chatter from the radio people (actually virtually none) and besides a bit of tune-up sounds here and there, this is pure Garcia and friends playing some old favorites. Garcia is inspired in his playing, Saunders is just about his equal, and the rhythm section couldn't be any better at keeping everything moving and in time. This is a gig I wish I could've heard in person, but having this set (47 + and 54 + minutes each disc) is the next best thing."-Stuart Jefferson
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