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Great debut album by this Dutch singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. This has a very full band sound, with Jacco handling almost everything except the drumming.

This is a throwback, psychedelic pop masterpiece. Think Mr Fantasy, Axis, Bold As Love, Magical Mystery Tour, Sell Out, Village Green Preservation Society, and many other works from that magical 1967-68 era. Conditionally hugely recommended; this is unbelievably well done and clever and reminiscent of music that is no longer made...

"Jacco Gardner is a baroque pop multi instrumentalist. He creates a unique sound by combining the sounds of harpsichord, strings, flutes and other classical instruments with raw psychedelic effects."

This album has an amazing sound - lush, layered with a late '60s vibe. Great lyrics, varied instrumentation (harpsichord, guitar, synth, flute, etc.). Haven't had an album suck me in this quickly in quite some time. If you're a fan of other groups mining the same vein these days (Tame Impala, MGMT, etc.) you will love this modern interpretation of a classic sound."
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