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So, I�m looking through the tons of new release solicitations that I look through on a weekly basis, trying not to miss anything, but also with the knowledge that there�s only so much time in my day to pour over this stuff.
And I see the name Julien Gasc and it rings and bell and I rack my brain and I remember that Julien is one of the members of Aquaserge and who I think of as �their main voice�, in terms of the vocals.
So, that�s how I discovered his solo career and his second album.
On vinyl only is his first album (this!) and while the label plays up his connection to Stereolab (of course), this sounds a heck of a lot more like Aquaserge than Stereolab and, really, it sounds like it could be a slightly poppier Aquaserge album.
Hugely recommended to every Aquaserge fan.

�With Cerf Biche et Faon (trans. "Stag, Deer and Fawn"), Julien Gasc guides and plants us in the forest of his emotions, playing with his ethereal voice and lyrical instrumentations against the gentle crackle of lo-fi cigarettes. With one song recorded per night in a studio before a tour in South America, the album holds its own vital necessity: write, heal, climax! This is Gasc's first solo album after many rich collaborations (including Aquaserge, Stereolab, April March, Katerine, and Bertrand Burgalat) and here he more intimately reveals the diamond he harbors within, having it vibrate on the shellac. These are resolutely pop songs for the most part, fueled by his adolescent energy -- his artistic and technical maturity does nothing to smother the fresh spontaneity he reinvents in the moments during recording. As the album advances, his Rasputin beard seduces us, pricks us, bristles and caresses us... as Arthur Cravan once said, "I am all animals, all things, all people (...)," might Julien Gasc be stag, deer and fawn all at once? As we listen, we feel all of the tenderness, violence, and innocence of his humanity, we navigate with him a sonic landscape filled with detachment, tiredness, anger, indolence... ... and, like a musical sandman, he delicately approaches to tuck us in on the last songs, plaid lullabies of angora softness.�
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