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"Former Planet Mu affiliate Christopher Reeves continues his electronic journey as The Gasman, delivering his umpteenth album in 13 years. Aeriform isn't far removed from work by other Mu luminaries such as founder Mike Paradinas' strangely engaging bob-and-weave synth-antipop or a certain Richard James, truth be told.
Essentially though, Reeves mines a far more retro seam than his counterparts - titles like Syntax, Trip and Zports suggest there's an element of geek and a love of the ZX Spectrum, BBC Computers and Nintendo from Aeriform's creator. The opening Fade is a gloriously lush melodic disco-house piece that recalls Bent, 808 State and Plaid during their '90s heydays, while Trip peps things up a bit in the style of Code-era Cabaret Voltaire or early Mu-ziq.
Closing pair AT4 and Hype continue this trend, leaving the rest of the album to ferment as a heady brew of pretty melodies, motorik mid-tempo bouncers and the occasional deviation into ambient house, replete with snares and kick-drums straight out of a cheap Roland and glistening synths that chatter and shimmer like some urban dawn chorus."

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