Gato Libre - Nomad

“Nomad” is the second album of Natsuki Tamura’s acoustic quartet Gato Libre. The first CD “Strange Village” was released in 2005 on Libra Records in Japan and got very good reviews all over the world." Natsuki Tamura (trumpet), Satoko Fujii (accordion), Kazuhiko Tsumura (guitar), Norikatsu Koreyasu (bass). “Every so often, a record comes along from an established artist that makes one reassess his or her accomplishments. The initial document from the Japanese quartet Gato Libre is such a release. This group collects guitarist Kazuhiko Tsumura and bassist Norikatsu Koreyasu with husband and wife team extraordinaire, trumpeter and leader Natsuki Tamura and accordionist Satoko Fujii, the latter team proving quite astounding in their unexpected roles (this is Fujii’s first release focusing on accordion). Over the past decade plus, both Tamura and Fujii have built reputations as vibrant composers and players, often enthralling listeners with spirited compositions and uncompromising improvisational sparks. Those expecting fireworks will be quite surprised by “Strange Village” and its ten-song program firmly committed to exploring lovely folk melodies over quietly unfolding terrains: think Dave Douglas’ chamber works or others of the ilk. What also makes this appealing is that for the most part, it is truly a group project with equal contributions from each player. At first blush, this record might be considered a bit too saccharine for many tastes, but it is rich in its melodic aims and surprisingly captivating. Indeed, “Strange Village” is proof that Tamura and Fujii are truly multi-dimensional artists.”-Jay Collins, One Final Note
  • LabelNo Man's Land
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