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Ax Genrich was the original guitarist in Guru Guru. You can hear his amazing post-Hendrixian psychedelic wah-wah guitar work on Kanguru, UFO and Hinten.
After Guru Guru, he basically dissapeared for almost 20 years, until he reappeared, almost Rip Van Winkle-like with this fantastic 1995 trio album featuring Ax plus a excellent rhythm section.
Ax's playing is better than ever, and this is as good - albeit a bit different - than even the classic Guru albums! Really! Then, after this came out, he dissapeared again. At the time I snarkily wrote ‘see you in 2014, Ax...’, but I really do regret his complete disappearance from electric / psychedelic music; he truly is the real deal! Hugely recommended.

“Finally this psychedelic krautrock milestone is available on vinyl for the first time! The album was released on CD in 1995 on the label ATM Records and is long out of print! Together with the well roadtested rhythm section Walt Bender: drums, special effects, samples, voice and Mario Fadani: bass, upright bass, voice, Ax Genrich: guitar, acoustic guitar, voice found the perfect outlet to relive the spirit of the early Guru Guru ('Ufo', 'Hinten', 'Känguru'). The tracks were recorded in a breathing live atmosphere at the Alien Style Studios in Bremen during the summer of 1995. This was the perfect way to let the highly energetic and wild guitar playing of Ax shine on top of the innovative and groovy rhythm duo. Eroc made a new master for this vinyl release which provides the album with more details and a higher transparency. CD owners will be surprised when they listen to the vinyl as it will blow their minds!”
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