German Oak - German Oak (expanded)

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A very well known German underground album, which is most famous for the circumstances of its recording in a 'bunker-like' environment. Includes 3 non-lp bonus tracks.

"During the summer of 1972, best remembered for the bloodshed of the Munich Olympics, the 5-man Dusseldorf instrumental group German Oak entered the Luftschutzbunker (Air Raid Shelter) studio to record their first, eponymous album. The purpose of recording in a bunker was to recreate the feelings experienced by German soldiers during the Allied invasion of 1944. The strange acoustic conditions in the bunker made the music, which was a series of long, spacious guitar jams, sound distant and filled with echo. Julian Cope, in his in-depth review of the album, describes the band's sound in unequivocal terms '...imagine a brutally recorded, brazen and ultra-skeletal industrial white funk played with all the claw-handed technique of the Red Crayola recording their famous 'Hurricane Fighting Plane'. This is the sound of German Oak'."

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This is pretty cool,...even if the rumors of it being recorded in a bunker weren't true(but are they?). A really good set of spooky instrumental jams. The first time my wife heard it in my car(while we were just dating,God bless her)it was right after seeing the movie Event Horizon. She made me shut it off after five or so minutes without knowing the album history,because it was scaring her! It's that kind of album. Really well done,actually! But it's "dead echoes" are very chilling....
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