Gilgamesh - Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into (remastered)

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Typically nice and thorough Esoteric job on this; there's no bonus material, but there is excellent remastered sound, good notes and photos. Gilgamesh was Canterbury keyboardist Alan Gowen's first professional band that he led, before he joined National Health. This was their 2nd & last released during their lifetime, featuring Hugh Hopper who first worked with Alan here, and the roots of their later collaboration on Two Rainbows Daily can be heard in parts. This is their most mature & best effort! The charming and wonderful but very obviously Hatfield homages of the first album have given way to Alan's own voice here. If you are interested in Alan's work, this album is a must-own, as it contains some really great compositions and playing from him as well as Phil Lee-guitar, Hugh Hopper-bass and Trevor Tompkins-drums.
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