Glass Hammer - Chronomonaut CD

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“Glass Hammer releases another solid epic with Chronomonaut. Much more melodic and lyrical, the progressive rock elements may remain a bit muted, but the song writing and orchestration is excellent. Added instrumentation, winds and strings, add another layer to their repertoire. Track 4 "The Past is the Past" stands out as a longer more progressive work that I keep going back to. Enjoy the variety of vocals and guest artists, Matthew Parmenter (vocals) and Chris Herin from Discipline is a pleasant surprise. Glass Hammer let Fred Schendel and Steve Babb continue to craft some great stories with music, excellent tone painting, yet they continue to evolve and change, not settling for old formulas. I may be partial to the Cor Cordium and Perilous era, but sometimes you don't need something that heavy musically, the melodic elements are very strong with this release. Buy it, dissect it, enjoy it!”-progarchives
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