Glass Hammer - Skallagrim : Into The Breach CD

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Steve Babb - keyboards, bass, vocals
Fred Schendel - keyboards, guitars, vocals
Aaron Raulston - drums
Hannah Pryor - vocals
Brian Brewer - guitar
Reese Boyd - guitar

“Glass Hammer returns to the world of the Dreaming City with the follow-up album, SKALLAGRIM ― INTO THE BREACH. The album continues the tale of the thief with the screaming sword, a “desperate man” who lost his lover and his memory. “It’s over the top, and meant to be,” comments Glass Hammer’s Steve Babb. “But it’s relevant as well,” he continues. “There’s always a deeper story hidden within every concept album we’ve ever done. This one is no different.” “But the story should never overwhelm the music,” he explains. “Though like a good movie or novel, these albums have an arc. Fans thought the last album was our heaviest, and loved the new direction. Well, our 2021 release is going to make them super happy! Heavier than the last, it’s far more hammer than glass,” he muses. Like Dreaming City, the insert has the look and feel of a vintage fantasy novel, complete with excerpts from the story and illustrations. Lead vocalist, Hannah Pryor, joins with Babb, Fred Schendel, Aaron Raulston and GH session guitarists, Reese Boyd and Brian Brewer in a seventy-five minute long onslaught of heavy prog.”

“Let’s cut to the chase, prepare to be blown away by this monster of an album! Brooding with an ancient, primeval power, this leviathan of a release sees the introduction of new vocalist Hannah Pryor who joins stalwarts Babb, Fred Schendel and Aaron Raulston for the band’s twenty-first studio album. With ‘Skallagrim – Into The Breach’, Glass Hammer have raised the (already heavy) bar to even greater heights. Epic in scope, majestic in scale and blurring the lines between progressive rock and progressive metal, GH have given us their best album of recent years and possibly their best release ever and it should be another monster success for this evergreen band.”-Martin Hutchinson -

“STUNNING! Excellent new album from American band Glass Hammer! With their new female vocalist, the powerful Hannah Pryor, the band manages to create a new sound, more heavy than ever and a splendid album from start to end! Must have...”-Koid 9 Progressive Rock Magazine
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