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One of the most significant stage productions of the 20th century, Einstein On The Beach is an amazing, baffling, entrancing work on multiple levels. It’s simply a huge and monumental work.
It was first staged worldwide world-wide in 1976. I was lucky enough to see it at it’s first ‘revival’ showing in 1984 at B.A.M. and it was then staged again in 1992 but it remained unperformed from that time until the 2012-2013 stage production which is featured on this set. Over 4 hours of art and amazement.

“I began with this photo of Einstein in his study at Princeton. I looked at many photos of Einstein. Photos of him when he was two years old, 20 years old, 40, 60, 70 years old. In all standing portraits of him, he held his hand in the same position as in the photo. The little space between his thumb and the next finger is always the same. I started the opera with this gesture. And continued.” – Robert Wilson

“I don t care about music theory, I m only interested in listening to music. I begin by listening. Like images emerging from the mist and becoming visible.” – Philip Glass

It was the time of pop art and minimalism, often one set against the other. Pop art is a proclamation of the end of the world. The minimal movement is a new beginning.” – Lucinda Childs

“On the evening of Tuesday, January 7, time flew and space became infinite. It was the opening night of Einstein on the Beach, the opera by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson, and after curtain down, at about 11 o clock, you could see in front of the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, people who had the look of brightness of a hypnotic journey. They came out of the performance, but is that the right word when it comes to this sensory experience? Not sure, and whatever. What matters is what happened: During more than four hours in an auditorium where everyone was invited to come and go at will, and where, however, almost no one left. Not because the audience did not want to disturb their neighbours; because they just did not want to leave, not even for a short time, and take their attention away from what they saw and heard.” – Le Monde

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