Glass - Spectrum Principle

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"Glass, the Northwest progressive rock/symphonic rock trio, has been around since the very early '70s, the very heyday of progressive rock. In that time we've seen the term "progressive" applied to an awful lot of bands who do little more than parrot their favorite bands. Not Glass. They have had a distinct and identifiable sound all their own for more than 40 years. It's difficult to put into words, but driving rhythms, anthemic grandeur and a vast array of moods and sounds all play a part. Multi-keyboardist and composer Greg Sherman writes some of the most beautiful, yet surprising, tonal progressions you'll find anywhere (pun intended). His brother Jeff Sherman on bass provides the rock bottom foundation and, on "Spectrum Principle," also a welcome return of his classical guitar stylings. Rounding out the trio -- and the star of this new disc -- is drummer Jerry Cook, who produced and conceived this album as a coherent whole. Jerry's always been the visionary in the group, with his huge drumkit and percussion array and even more grandiose ideas. On "Spectrum Principle" the Sherman brothers gave him free rein to let his imagination run wild. The result is an album that moves seamlessly between progressive rock (featuring Mellotron, Hammond organ, electric piano, synthesizers and bass guitar) and out-of-this-world collages of tape loops, whale and dolphin sounds, percussion workouts and occasionally cryptic spoken passages by Jerry which puzzle as well as inspire the listener. "Spectrum Principle" pushes the envelope, sounding at once like both a logical continuation of Glass's trademarked sound and a radical new expansion of possibilities. It is an album which requires several listens to grasp, a journey with several views of the horizon. In a world where nothing much new has happened in music for decades, it is a reminder that "progressive rock" should always progress."-Robert Carlberg
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