Glows in the Dark - Beach of the War Gods (band-released CDR) (Mega Blowout Sale)

I saw this great Richmond group whose members also play in other great better and less known ensembles such as Fight the Big Bull, OMBAK, No BS Brass Band, Bio Ritmo, etc. in May, 2010. Led by guitarist and composer Scott Burton, the band also features Reggie Pace (trombone, percussion); John Lilley (tenor and alto saxophone); Cameron Ralston (bass); Scott Clark (drums). They have great themes to play and the soloists are all top drawer; this is the sort of young, DIY group that makes the current jazz scene so amazingly great and so frustrating; great because they are GREAT and frustrating because they are being great and not enough people are listening.... This is a professionally recorded album made in simple packaging; times are hard for good music, y'know! But you get it at a great price and I can not recommend this one enough!

"The latest release from Glows in the Dark takes the relationship between music and film way beyond the expected. Following their 2008 debut, Beach of the War Gods is guitarist and leader Scott Burton’s idea of how music can be inspired by movies, and it’s a clear evolution of Glows in the Dark’s sound that is driven by tight grooves and loose improvisations. And for Burton, it’s a way of combining two of his interests just short of scoring a film. Every track -- except one -- is named after the movie that it’s inspired by...In a city as small and filled with talent as Richmond, Virginia, the best musicians are going to play in multiple bands, and that could be said for all five members of Glows in the Dark. But Burton’s compositions along with the versatility of each player allows them to sound true to the band while keeping their unique musical persona. It is really remarkable how different everyone sounds in different bands", Burton says."

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