Gnidrolog - Live 1972 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Very good bootleg-sounding recording of a great band at their peak and doing material not on their 2 studio albums. For fans only, yes, but fans will be very pleased by the existence of this album.

"The sound is not great. But this live album has a great raw live feeling and that is an added bonus. The conclusion is that the sound is about right for a live album from Gnidrolog. So I have no complaints here. Gnidrolog live is very energetic and raw. They almost comes across as a blues/hard rock band with their use of saxophone and guitars. There is no hammond organ or keyboards in sight on this live album. Their songs is weird though. Really weird, though very energetic and in your face. Most of the songs here cannot be found on any of their albums so this is a very good reason to get this album if you liked their two studio albums."
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