Godley and Creme - Frabjous Days: The Secret Wold Of Godley and Crème 1967-1969 CD

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“First-ever issue of stillborn 1969 studio album from pre- Hotlegs/10cc duo Godley And Creme during their days as Frabjoy And Runcible Spoon. Classic UK late 60s psychedelic/folk sound recorded at Advision Studios with support from future 10cc colleagues Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart.”

“In mid-1969, legendary British R&B/psychedelic enabler Giorgio Gomelsky signed two Manchester-based art students, renaming them Frabjoy And Runcible Spoon.
Envisaging the pair as a British Simon And Garfunkel, Gomelsky recorded an LP with them for release on his Marmalade label. A pre-LP single appeared, but sadly the album's release was cancelled after Giorgio spent the rent and staged a disappearing act.
53 years later, Grapefruit Records is thrilled to host this tantalising missing piece of the pre-10cc jigsaw puzzle. A hugely accomplished set, it incorporates impossibly fragile ballads like 'Chaplin House' and 'Today' alongside US West Coast-style rocker 'Cowboys And Indians' and the Beatles-ish 'It's The Best Seaside In The World'. ‘Frabjous Days’ adds Gouldman's sole Marmalade cut plus further late 60s material, including their early 1968 single as The Yellow Bellow Room Boom.
Housed in a stylish, previously unpublished 1969 Marmalade promo photo of the pair, the fabulous ‘Frabjous Days’ is a digipack release with a 28-page booklet containing a new 6000 word essay and some extremely rare photos and memorabilia.”

“I was a little anxious about what to expect from this. The early efforts of one’s idols sometimes disappoint. Memories of Bowie’s Laughing Gnome come to mind. I should not have worried. This is a great collection of tracks which have invention and beauty. Not as quirky as their later output but nonetheless extremely accomplished and a joy to listen to. Most of the songs are very good with great vocals by Kevin Godley.
If you are a fan of Godley and Crème or 10CC then this is a must buy. The accompanying booklet is also comprehensive with lots of interesting photos including one of Kevin Godley’s father’s huge electrical store. Buy it now!”
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