Gong Global Family - Live In Sao Paulo, Brazil CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Daevid Allen – Guitar, Vocals
Josh Pollock ¬– Guitar, Vocals
Fabio Golfetti – Guitar
Marcelo Ringel ¬– Sax
Gabriel Costs – Bass
Fred Barley – Drums

“I've heard other old-school Gong fans rave about how good this live CD is. Show took place at the Sesi Theatre in San Paulo, Brazil on November 20, 2007.
Thoroughly enjoyed the rocking "Radio Gnome Invisible", the awesome eleven-minute epic "Fohat Digs Holes In Space" (going back a way's, there), "Oily Way", the incredible "Inner Temple", the truly astounding "Master Builder" [one of my personal Gong favorites], "Selene" and the inspiring "Dynamite" to bring this gig to a memorable close.
Even though these ten Gong tracks offer fans and followers a run-of-the mill routine, I thought that Allen (R.I.P.) and crew still managed to bring / breath / play -new life- into these gems. Deserves a space in your hallowed music collection.”-Mike Reed
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