Gong - Live In Sherwood Forest 1975 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Recorded at Nottingham University on November 25th 1975 for a long defunct radio station (we don't think it was ever broadcast) and quite a rarity, the Shamal era Gong band before Steve and Miquette's departure. In fact not counting the 1977 reunion this was their penultimate Gong gig (the last was in London in December '75). This excellent quality recording is also notable for being one of the late Jorge Pinchevsky's earliest gigs with Gong - it might even be his first, no - one can actually remember. Jorge was violinist in Clearlight, the support band on a 13 date UK tour and he occasionally sat in with Gong - he didn't officially join the band until the Shamal recording sessions, in Jan '76. The mastering was aided by the studio ears and Gong expertise of Mike Howlett, although we have the recording engineer on the night to thank for a good releasable live mix - very occasionally a little furry round the edges, but he must have done some sterling work way back then to get it to the quality it is. There's a 12 page booklet with some images...Mike also contributed a couple of pages of liner notes, with a couple more by yours truly. All in all a thunderously good CD for all us Gonsters of a very interesting transitional period in the band's history. The rhythm section is on top form, Steve's great, one of the best live versions of Aftagid I've heard, and the Isle of Everywhere builds to be spacey, groovy little beggar as well. In fact the whole band is very tight throughout, and you'd never guess the Shamal material was basically still in development. An invigorating and vital CD of great Gong music to savour - I think you're going to love it."-Jonny Greene

Total Runtime 78.35
Master Builder 6.08
Chandra 6.31
Aftaglid 16.36
Cat in Clark's Shoes 9.03
Wingful of Eyes 7.40
The Salmon Song 11.09
Isle of Everywhere 12.50
Shamal 8.32
Mireille Bauer: Glockenspiel, mirimba, percussion
Miquette Giraudy: Vocals
Steve Hillage: Guitar, vocals
Mike Howlett: Bass, vocals
Patrice Lemoine: Keyboards, synths
Didier Malherbe: Saxophone, flute
Pierre Moerlen: Drums, percussion
Jorge Pinchevsky: Violin
  • LabelMajor League Productions
  • UPC5030820040622
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