Gong - Live at Montserrat 1973 and Other Stories DVD

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"Gong At Montserrat and Other Stories is a wonderful mix of the old and the new and also the rare. The old is footage of the classic line up of Gong which featured Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage, Pierre Moerlin, Tim Blake, Mike Howlett and Gilli Smyth. The more recent footage comes from 2006 and finds Daevid Allen in an al fresco mood reciting his poetry and singing songs. There is also footage of AcidMothersGong from the RFH I 2002. Perhaps the rarest piece of footage is the original line up of the Soft Machine featuring Daevid Allen. This footage was filmed at UFO in 1967 at a benefit for UFO founder John “Hoppy” Hopkins. This DVD received a very positive response when played at the Gong UNCON in Amsterdam in November 2006 and will no doubt sell well to the large and devoted Gong fan base."
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The description of this DVD is, at best, misleading. I was seriously disappointed. The first 9 minutes consist of the band members, in gnome get-ups, walking around the rocky terrain of Montserrat with Gong’s space music as the soundtrack. The footage then moves to the inside of the Maria de Montserrat abbey, with about a minute's worth of a boys’ choir. Then, at about the 10-minute mark, the concert video appears to start. You see the band huddled for a while on stage, and drone-chanting. The band members begin to pick up their instruments and appear to start playing. BUT if you pay close attention, you'll notice that the sound track doesn't match what's happening on stage. It's dubbed and it's a really bad dub to boot! This goes on for 10 more minutes, and then that's it for the Montserrat footage. The rest of this DVD consists of startlingly bad videos by Daevid Allen (not Gong), a six minute video of "Acid Mothers Gong" mainly performing bad "theatre de l'absurde" with terrible audio, and a 4-minute poor quality video of somebody (Allen?) reading some prose on a stage with supposedly the members of Soft Machine providing background music for effect. I was so furious with this purchase that I asked for my money back. Steve refused, saying that I needed to take it up with the label who released the DVD (VoicePrint) (editor's note: But he allowed him to say so and to post a bad review here, so he isn't totally a bad guy, he hopes...). If I ever run into Daevid Allen, I think I’ll try and get my $17 back from him.
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