Gong - The Universe Also Collapses CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Dave Sturt - Bass Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals
Cheb Nettles - Drums, Piano, Theremin, Vocals
Fabio Golfetti - Electric Guitar, [Gliss] Guitar, Vocals
Ian East - Flute, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Kavus Torabi - Vocals Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonium

The current version of Gong continues to make spacey rock music very much in line with what Gong always did, and they do it without copying Gong or even copying the copiers of Gong!
This is Gong as they are now; it really is and it’s a very good album!

“Remember; there is only now. Following the success of their 2016 album, 'Rejoice! I'm Dead!', which was a transitional album in the evolution of Gong and was an opportunity to say goodbye to the great Daevid Allen, the current formation of Gong is releasing an album for them. 'The Universe Also Collapses' is the sound of Gong in 2019, as vanguards of 21st century psychedelia; propulsive, mystical and ecstatic.”

“... During its 50 year history, change was a mainstay of Gong. Players came and went (and often returned), and we grew to accept a wide range of music under its umbrella. Inevitability is indeed inevitable, and the passing of Allen and Smyth proves our universe collapses. But the greater Gong family lives, and may it long live on with Messrs. Torabi, Golfetti, East, Sturt, Nettles and whoever may follow next. Much like the severely underrated Acid Motherhood from 2004, The Universe Also Collapses is as strong as any release in the Gong family. I’m all in.”-Strawberry Bricks
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